Premier Wynne's 1911 day Liberal Government has enforced ODSP Clawback Discrimination against


verified Medically Disabled Ontarians so far 2018/04/21

Premier Wynne, Please Voluntarily Stop All ODSP Discrimination Today Before More Disabled Ontarians Are Harmed Tomorrow.

Alternatively, please clearly explain how the ODSP Act fully complies with the Charter.

Sincerely, Dave Thomasson

Support Is Growing!

April 10, 2012 - Yasir Naqvi MPP agrees with ACORN that the ODSP Income Clawback is Discrimination against Ontario's Disabled People

David's Challenge

The ODSP Act discriminates against the disabled. If you can prove otherwise, I will pay you $1000.

Prove me wrong! Dalton McGuinty couldn't and Premier Wynne hasn't yet!

This Challenge has remained unclaimed for over

11 years and 3 months